1. 2-phase Stepping Motors

(1). Selection Table
(2). SST34D Series
(3). SST36C Series
(4). SST40C Series
(5). SST41D Series
(6). SST42D Series
(7). SST43D Series
(8). SST45D Series
(9). SST58D Series
(10). SST59D Series
(11). SST83D Series
(12). Operation and Theory




Shinano Kenshi Corporation specializes in electronic motors. SKC is one of the world’s leading OEM motor manufacturers. Motors are their only business. That’s why they can offer more custom assemblies than any other motor manufacturer in the world.

Shinano Kenshi Corporation offers stepper motors in a wide range of Nema sizes (14, 16, 23 and 34), step angles (0.9°, 1.8°, 3.6°and 3.75°) and torque outputs. But more significantly, SKC currently supplies over 30% of our motors as custom assemblies. This level of custom assemblies is unique in the industry.

Currently SKC produces over 1 million motors per month with the majority of production at our world class manufacturing bases in China and Japan.

SKC continues to invest in R&D, launching several new products annually. The company develops innovative products for the security surveillance markets and the medical industry and is a leading supplier/partner to the medical industry.


1. 2-phase Stepping Motors

(1). Operation and Theory
(2). FL20STH Series
(3). FL28STH Series
(4). FL39STH Series
(5). FL42STH Series
(6). FL57STH Series
(7). FL60STH Series
(8). FL86STH Series
(9). FL110STH Series
(10). FL110BYG Series
(11). FL130BYG Series

2. 3-phase Stepping Motors

(1). Operation and Theory
(2). FL573P Series
(3). FL863P Series
(4). FL1103P Series

Changzhou Fulling Motor Co., Ltd was established in year 2000, as a professional motor manufacturer in Changzhou city, China. Production capacity exceeds more than 1.0 million motors per year. Our Company offers three major series of products: Hybrid stepper motors, DC brushless motors and the motor driver.

The Fulling product line is sold to major manufacturing Companies for Industry of automation, medical and health care equipment, printer machines, packing devices, Information Technology, household appliance products, and pumping equipment.?


1. Stepping Systems

(1). Product Introduction
(2). 2-phase Stepping Systems
(3). 3-phase Stepping Systems
(4). 5-phase Stepping Systems
(5). Stepping motros with built-in driver
(6). Product Manuals
(7). Product Software
(8). Other Documents



Sanyo Denki has been in business since 1927 and has annual sales of over $600M. Sanyo Denki’s extensive product offering includes a leading family of motion control and ac servo system products, along with the world's largest selection of stepping motors and drives.

SANMOTION is the brand name for SANYO DENKI motion control systems. SANYO DENKI is worldwide provider of stepping and servo systems. Its products are know for their high quality reliability and state of the art design. Its systems are used in a variety of industries which include the medical, factory automation, semiconductor and defense/aerospace industries.


1. Closed Loop Alpha Step

(1). Product Introduction
(2). AS Series Closed Loop Motor & Driver Packages
(3). ASC Series Closed Loop Motor & Driver Packages
(4). ASX Series All-in-One AlphaStep Motor
(5). Product Manuals
(6). Product Software
(7). Other Documents

2. 5-Phase Microstep

(1). Product Introduction
(2). RK Series 5-Phase Microstep Motor & Driver Packages
(3). CRK Series 5-Phase Microstep Motor & Driver Packages
(4). CFK II Series 5-Phase Microstep Motor & Driver Packages
(5). Product Manuals
(6). Product Software
(7). Other Documents

3. 2-Phase Microstep

(1). Product Introduction
(2). RBK Series 2-Phase Microstep Motor & Driver Packages
(3). CMK Series 2-Phase Microstep Motor & Driver Packages
(4). Product Manuals
(5). Product Software
(6). Other Documents

4. 5-Phase Full/Half-Step

(1). Product Introduction
(2). CSK Series 5-Phase Step Motor & Driver Packages
(3). PMC Series 5-Phase Step Motor & Driver Packages
(4). Product Manuals
(5). Product Software
(6). Other Documents

5. 2-Phase Full/Half-Step

(1). Product Introduction
(2). UMK Series 2-Phase Step Motor & Driver Packages
(3). CSK Series 2-Phase Step Motor & Driver Packages
(4). Product Manuals
(5). Product Software
(6). Other Document

Since its founding in Japan in 1885, Oriental Motor has been a world leader in motion systems.ORIENTAL MOTOR U.S.A. CORP. offers over 5,000 different products to meet your diverse requirements. We supply the highest quality and widest selection of motion control products available, ranging from compact AC gearmotors and stepping motor systems, to brushless speed control systems, to linear and rotary actuators providing linear and rotational motion. Over 100 years of progress in research and development has placed Oriental Motor in the forefront of motor manufacturers worldwide. Today we are the primary source of small precision motor systems.

Motion Control Products

Oriental Motor's full line of VEXTA high performance 2- and 5-phase stepping motor/driver systems and controllers are designed to meet your precision positioning requirements. Our stepping motor systems provide highly accurate positioning with 100% repeatability. These motor/driver systems are factory matched to provide optimal performance and easy installation. One of Oriental Motor's more recent product innovations is the AlphaStep closed-loop stepping motor system, a unique product that combines stepping and servo motor technologies. The AlphaStep is a revolutionary hybrid step motor and driver package that never loses synchronism. A newly developed embedded rotor position sensor constantly monitors performance to ensure no loss of motion. This product, along with many other Oriental Motor products, is available with IP65 rating for splash-proof and dust-proof protection.

Quality Products

Oriental Motor operates in a Just-in-time and a Lean Manufacturing environment. Quality is built-in to the product throughout the entire manufacturing process. This is achieved by utilizing the One-Piece Flow System on our Flexible U-line work cells wherein all necessary equipment are positioned in the sequence in which it is used. In the simplest of terms, one-piece flow means that each motor is carefully built one-piece-at-a-time allowing it to be thoroughly inspected and tested, thus, quality defects are easily detected and contained. Additionally, defect prevention is also the direct result of the continuous error proofing of our processes.



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