1. Conventional Rotary Servo Motors

(1). Product Introduction
(2). AKM Series
(3). B and BN Series
(4). Kollmorgen GoldLine
(5). Pacific Scientific
(6). M Series High Voltage
(7). DBL and DBK Series
(8). Product Manuals
(9). Other Documents

2. Brushless Direct Drive Rotary Motors

(1). Product Introduction
(2). CARTRIDGE DDR Servo Motors
(3). Kollmorgen GoldLine DDR Servo Motors
(4). RBE DDR Servo Motors
(5). Product Manuals
(6). Other Documents

3. Brushless Direct Drive Linear Motors

(1). Product Introduction
(2). IC and ICD Ironcore DDL Motors
(3). IL and ILH Series Ironless DDL Motors
(4). Product Manuals
(5). Other Documents

Danaher Corporation combined over 30 industry-leading brands such as Kollmorgen, Thomson, Dover, Pacific Scientific, Portescap, Neff, Seidel and Bautz to establish a customer-focused motion control manufacturing company called Danaher Motion.We offer this powerful set of integrated motion control technologies under the Danaher Motion and Thomson brand names. It's a $1B+ global motion control leader, unique in its ability to marshal decades of application experience and technical innovation to help you build better machines, faster.

Danaher Motion defines high standards of quality, innovation and technology. They enable improved machine performance and reliability while controlling costs. Their global manufacturing footprint, rapid customization and prototyping capabilities drive quick lead times. Unmatched application experience and design expertise empowers you to commission machines faster.

Danaher Motion's brushless servomotors are designed to operate over a broad range of speeds and have the advantage of reduced maintenance since there are no brushes or commutators. DC brushless motors offer superior performance with our highest torque/inertia ratio and high speed capability of up to 8,000 rpm for?standard designs (up to 70,000 rpm for special designs). Our linear brushless motors can exceed 10 m/s.


1. AC Servo Motors and Drives

(1). Slection Guide
(2). MINAS A4-Series
(3). MINAS A4F-Series
(4). MINAS A4P Series
(5). MINAS E Series
(6). MINAS S Series
(7). Product Manuals
(8). Product Software
(9). Other Documents

Panasonic is a famous motion control product manufacturer. The A4 series servo sports ultra-fast frequency times and new vibration control features while our ultra-compact E series servo/driver has slimmed in size by 47%! VF-CE inverters offer a new concept for preventing electrical interference.


1. Rotary Servo Motors

(1). Product Introduction
(2). Slection Table
(3). Sigma-5 Series
(4). Sigma II Series
(5). DIrect Drive Series
(6). Mini S Series
(7). Product Manuals
(8). Other Documents

2. Linear Servo Motors

(1). Product Introduction
(2). Slection Table
(3). SGLGW Series
(4). SGLFW Series
(5). SGLTW Series
(6). Sigma Trac Series
(7). Product Manuals
(8). Other Documents


Yaskawa was the first company to mass produce servomotors employing a segmented stator design. This process uses individually wound stator segments that are grouped together, press fit into the motor body, and impregnated with resin. The result is improved heat transfer, dramatic reduction in motor size and cost, and the best quality and reliability available. Yaskawa has leveraged this technology to become the largest servomotor manufacturer in the world and produced the 5,000,000th AC servomotor in 2006.

The Sigma family of servomotors has taken the next technological step using high-resolution serial encoder feedback. Position information is transmitted to the amplifier allowing full error checking which eliminates position error caused by electrical noise and prevents runaway conditions. This all-digital feedback design enables the amplifier to automatically recognize the motor and optimize settings.

All Yaskawa linear servomotors feature plug-and-play connection with the Sigma II and LEGEND amplifiers through use of automatic motor recognition and serial encoder technology. Yaskawa’s linear servomotors are supplied as components or an integrated slide. The components include a coil that directly drives the load and modular magnet tracks that allow almost unlimited machine length. The Sigma Trac slide includes direct drive components, carriage, bearings, base, and linear encoder all integrated into a plug-and-play package.


1. Rotary Servo Products

(1). Product Introduction
(2). Slection Table
(3). SANMOTION R Series
(4). SANMOTION Q Series
(5). SANMOTION T Series
(6). Medium Capacity Servo
(7). SANMOTION R 400V Series
(8). Product Manuals
(9). Product Software
(10). Other Documents




Sanyo Denki has been in business since 1927 and has annual sales of over $600M.? Sanyo Denki’s extensive product offering includes a leading family of motion control and ac servo system products, along with the world's largest selection of stepping motors and drives.

SANMOTION is the brand name for SANYO DENKI motion control systems. SANYO DENKI is worldwide provider of stepping and servo systems. Its products are know for their high quality reliability and state of the art design. Its systems are used in a variety of industries which include the medical, factory automation, semiconductor and defense/aerospace industries.


1. DC Servo Motors

(1). Product Introduction
(2). PDF Datasheets
(3). Other Documents

2. AC Servo Motors

(1). Product Introduction
(2). BSM N-Series
(3). BSM C-Series
(4). BSM R-Series
(5). PDF Datasheets
(6). Other Documents

3. Servo Rated Gearheads

(1). Product Introduction
(2). PDF Datasheets
(3). Other Documents

4. Stainless Steel Brushless Servo Motors

(1). Product Introduction
(2). PDF Datasheets
(3). Other Documents

BALDOR has a wide selection of high performance AC brushless servo motors, DC servo motors and stainless steel servo motors for the motion control industry. Baldor has been leading the way in energy efficient industrial motors since the 1920's ?has been supplying the industry with adjustable speed controls since 1952, and has been supplying servo and motion control since 1983.

Since the beginning, Baldor has been supplying reliable servo motor solutions to worldwide applications. Baldor has the design team, experience, application support, test facilities, information, and the solution for your application needs.

Baldor goes beyond the industry standard with innovations to provide reliable performance, while exceeding customer expectations.


1. Brush Motors

(1). Bulletin LCM Series 8000, 9000, 14000
(2). Bulletin LC2 Series 6000
(3). Bulletin LC6 Series 869X

2. Brushless Motors

(1). Bulletin ESL Series 3400, 4400, 5400
(2). Bulletin EST13 Series 1300
(3). Bulletin EST Series N2300

3. Gearmotors

(1). Bulletin LCG Series GM8000, GM9000, GM14900

PITTMAN motors and gearmotors feature a cost-effective modular construction that facilitates customization to suit individual application requirements. Whether it's smooth, quiet operation, long life, high torque or rapid acceleration, the Pittman LO-COG®brush-commutated line, ELCOM SL®, or ELCOM ST® brushless motors and gearmotors will bring optimum performance to your application. Customer-specified components include encoders, gearheads, timing belt pulleys, brakes, cables and connectors, modified shafts, RFI networks, and special configurations.

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