1. Stepping and Servo Power Supplies

(1). Product Introduction
(2). PS50A and PS30A
(3). PS1600 Series
(4). PS300 Series
(5). PS2X300 and PS4X300 Series
(6). Product Datasheets
(7). Other Documents






Advanced Motion Controls has a variety of power supplies to power your servo drive. Sizes range from 300W continuous to over 35kW peak power. Selecting the correct power supply is as simple as specifying the correct voltage and picking a model that can supply enough power.

In addition to voltage and power, isolation is a very important consideration. For safe and reliable operation, either the drive or the power supply must have isolation. In the drive, isolation takes the form of optical isolators that isolate the signal ground from the power ground. In the power supply, isolation takes the form of an isolation transformer that isolates the input AC from the power supply output.

If the drive datasheet does not specify optical isolation then you must use a power supply with an isolation transformer.


1. Switching Mode Power Supplies

(1). Product Introduction
(2). Mini-Size Series
(3). DIN-Rail Series
(4). Enclosed Series
(5). Open-frame/U-bracket Series
(6). PFC Series
(7). Product Datasheets



ECU Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd., established in Nov 1992. ECU has been ranked the leading manufacturer of its initial product-Model R transformer and improves its brand image as a professional power supply manufacturer by fllowing the advanced power supply technology and concept around the world.


1. Switching Mode Power Supplies

(1). Product Introduction
(2). AC/DC, DC/DC Series
(3). PFC Series
(4). Open Frame Series
(5). Din Rail Series
(6). Custom DesignSeries
(7). Product Datasheets







Hengfu Corporation, founded in 1992, is recognized as the leading manufacturer of industrial switching power supplies in China. The products include AC/DC & DC/DC standard, PFC, open frame, battery charger, din rail and custom-design switching power supplies, over 3000 models showing great flexibility.

Complete range of products, competitive price, strict selection of components, strong R&D support and speedy delivery will satisfy all your needs. “Hengfu”has been a famous brand in China, and increasingly well-known in the world market. If you are looking for highly reliable switching power supplies in China, you will be finally convinced that Hengfu is your most desirable choice.


1. Switching Mode Power Supplies

(1). Product Introduction
(2). NE Series
(3). G1 Series
(4). G2 Series
(5). G3 Series
(6). PFC Series
(7). DIN Series
(8). SDR Series
(9). AD Series
(10). LP Series
(11). ELN Series
(12). PLN Series
(13). CLG Series
(14). Modular Series
(15). Parallel Series
(16). General PCB Type
(17). Medical PCB Type
(18). Product Datasheets

Mean Well Enterprises Co., Ltd. is one of the leading switching power supply manufacturers in Taiwan . Established in 1982, it gained ISO-9001 certification in 1994. Our product lines include AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and battery chargers.

Established in 1982 and ISO-9001 certified in 1994, Mean Well is a leading switching power supply manufacturer in Taiwan . With more than 2,500 standard models and based on our over 25 years design, manufacture and distribution experiences in the switching power supply industry, we believe that we can offer you a total solution and be your reliable power partner.

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