1. High Performance Motion Controllers

Accelera Series: Sizzling Speed. Fully Loaded.
(1). DMC-18x6
(2). DMC-40x0

Econo Series: For cost-sensitive applications.
(1). DMC-18x2
(2). DMC-21x3






Galil Motion Control is the leading supplier of high-performance, cost-effective and easy-to-use controllers with over 500,000 controllers installed world-wide. Galil's complete line of motion controllers includes single and multi-axis; bus-based and stand-alone; and box-level and card-level controllers. The Accelera Series offers the highest speed and performance while the Econo Series is designed for the lowest cost. Galil's Single-Axis controller series offers cost-effective, compact solutions for single-axis applications. The RIO Pocket PLC provides an intelligent solution for I/O.


1. High Performance Motion Controllers

(1). Product Introduction
(2). eXMP SynqNet
(3). eZMP SynqNet
(4). XMP Synqnet
(5). ZMP SynqNet
(6). MEI DSP Series Motion Controller
(7). Vehicle Master Controller
(8). Digital MMC
(9). MMC SmartDrive
(10). MMC for PC
(11). Slice I/O
(12). Synqnet I/O
(13). Block I/O
(14). SynqNet Overview





Danaher Corporation combined over 30 industry-leading brands such as Kollmorgen, Thomson, Dover, Pacific Scientific, Portescap, Neff, Seidel and Bautz to establish a customer-focused motion control manufacturing company called Danaher Motion.We offer this powerful set of integrated motion control technologies under the Danaher Motion and Thomson brand names. It's a $1B+ global motion control leader, unique in its ability to marshal decades of application experience and technical innovation to help you build better machines, faster.

Danaher Motion offers machine builders high performance motion control with PC-based and stand-alone motion controller products along with industry standard form factors, high speed communications, I/O, and servo/stepper support.

IEC61131 controls, including Digital MMC, MMC for PC, Standalone MMC, MMC SmartDrive, PIC and Block I/O are applied to a wide variety of machines including, but not limited to packaging, converting, welding, assembly, winding, routing, robotics, punching and polishing. Danaher Motion is a supplier to industries where accurate positioning, high speed, and servo control are required.


1. Motion Controllers

(1). Product Introduction
(2). High-Performance Stepper/Servo Controllers
(3). Low-Cost Stepper Controllers
(4). Mid-Range Stepper/Servo Controllers
(5). Position (Pulse) Command Controllers








NI motion control software and hardware - including high-performance motion controllers, drives, and motors - simplify the development of all your motion control applications and deliver easy integration with NI data acquisition and vision products. From automating test equipment and research labs to controlling biomedical, packaging, and manufacturing machines, engineers and scientists use NI motion to solve a diverse set of application challenges, faster and at a lower cost.

National Instruments offers a variety of motion controllers, ranging from high-performance controllers with full-feature capability for the most sophisticated requirements, to lower-cost motion controllers for point-to-point motion applications with solid performance. NI's highest performance family of controllers is the NI 7350 Series, which offers up to eight axes of stepper or servo motion control. NI's mid-range controllers are the NI 7340 Series, which offer up to four axes of stepper or servo motion control. NI's low-cost controller option is the NI 7330 Series, which offers four axes of stepper motion control. These controllers each integrate with NI data acquisition devices for high performance automated test systems.


1. PC-based Motion Controllers

(1). Product Introduction
(2). GT Series
(3). GE Series

2. Computer Integrated Motion Controller

(1). Product Introduction
(2). All-In-One Embedded Motion Controller

3. Motion Laser Control

(1). Product Introduction

4. Integrated Control System

(1). Product Introduction

5. Network Motion Controllers &Interface

(1). Product Introduction




Googol Technology (HK) Ltd. is the first high-tech company in Asia Pacific region specializing in R&D, production, marketing, and support of motion controllers and controller based systems. Googol Technology's motion controllers and systems are applied in wide range of industries including semiconductor / microelectronics, plastic injection molding, and CNC machine tool. Regional application engineering expertise, strong support, cost effectiveness, and high performance set Googol Technology apart from all others.

Founded in 1999 by experts in motion control and mechatronics with combined over 60 years of experience in R&D and management in UC Berkley, MIT, and Bell Lab, the company is located in entrepreneur center of Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.

Googol Technology ( Shenzhen ) Ltd., the subsidiary owned by Googol HK, is located at High-Tech Industrial Park on Shenzhen, China, with the best talent and resources from many countries and Chinese mainland together, Googol SZ is a full Hedge operation with products R&D, application engineering, manufacturing and technical supports.

Since the first day of Googol Technology's establishment, the company has strived relentlessly to roll out series of motion controllers and controller based systems. Googol Technology currently has GO/GM/GT/GH series multi axis motion controllers for customers with increasing level of application sophistication and budget, specialized control systems including CNC for machine tool, and educational products for schools and universities. In addition, Googol Technology provides custom-made engineering service to solve clients' various motion control challenges.

Committed to motion control, Googol Technology is building up a highly qualified technical support team to address various application issues. To better inform existing and future customers about motion control technology in general and Googol Technology's products and applications in particular, the company has in place a regular training program targeting engineers of different backgrounds.

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