1. Integrated Stepping Systems

(1). MDrive Plus - Motor + Driver
(2). MForce - Integrated Microstepping Drivers
(3). MicroLYNX - Integrated Contoller / Driver








Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc. (IMS) - For more than 20 years, IMS has provided innovative motion control solutions in brushless motor technology and electronic controls. Its products are routinely used in applications demanding highly precise, controlled movement including: robotics, medical, assembly, semiconductor, packaging, engraving and pick-and-place. An industry leader in integrated motor and drive solutions, IMS is an R&D driven company with a solid commitment to Excellence in Motion™.

IMS offers a full line of high-performance motion control products and accessories that are compact, powerful and high value including: MDrivePlus integrated step motors and electronic controls, MForce new compact drives, MicroLYNX motion control systems that fit in your hand, microstepping PCB Mounted or panel Mounted drives, full- and half-step drives, power supplies, high torque brushless stepping motors and motor accessories including planetary gearbox. Now available for MDrivePlus are QuickStart Kits for rapid prototyping and development.


1. Integrated Stepping Systems

(1). ILS Series Integrated Stepping Systems







Schneider Electric Motion offers groundbreaking solutions for machine automation. Its complete range of products for automation, positioning and handling comprises linear modules, drives and controllers as well as the suitable software.

The Integrated Drives ILS are fitted with three-phase stepper motors. These motors provide high torque at low speeds. This drive is highly suitable for speed drive applications requiring excellent constant velocity characteristics, but also for high-resolution positioning tasks. Commissioning of the stepper motor drive is easy because controller setting is not required.


1. Integrated Stepping Systems

(1). Product Introduction
(2). ASX Series All-in-One AlphaStep Motor
(3). Product Manuals
(4). Product Software
(5). Other Documents







ORIENTAL MOTOR presents the new ASX series all-in-one closed loop AlphaStep motor. The AlphaStep controller and drive have been combined with the motor and feedback device, creating this all-in-one solution.

AlphaStep does not lose synchronism even when subjected to abrupt load fluctuation or acceleration. The built-in rotor position detection sensor constantly monitors the motor movement. If synchronism is about to be lost, closed loop control is used, so there is no need to worry about loss of steps.

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